Our Workshops at a Glance

Decolonizing Practices Workshop Square.png

Youth-Led Sínulhkay and Ladders: Decolonizing Practices

This is our introductory, foundational workshop. This is a great workshop for teams with a spectrum of understanding about decolonizing. Organizations who may be at the start of their decolonizing journey can use this workshop to create a base for conversations on how to begin decolonizing the workplace.

  • The interactive game is great for visual learners

  • This is a great stand-alone workshop, or can be used as a precursor to our other workshops

  • This is a great workshop to build up the foundational knowledge of your team and get everyone on the same page

Fee: $3300 + GST


  • Up to 24 participants

  • 2 hour commitment

  • Led by Indigenous Youth Facilitators

TerritorialAcknowledgments Workshop Square.png

Territorial Acknowledgements: from awareness to practice

This facilitated interactive workshop is for organizations and teams who want to learn more about Land Acknowledgements, co-create your acknowledgements and start implementing them in a good way.

  • Good for all levels of learners

  • Great for businesses and organizations who host public events, talks or workshops

  • Great for teams looking to reconnect and re-inspire their relationship to the Land and the First Peoples of the Land they are on

  • This is a great workshop for those looking to change the way their organization looks at Territorial Acknowledgements and those wanting to be brave in their commitment to those acknowledgements.

Fee: $3300 + GST


  • Up to 30 participants

  • 2 hour committment

Cultural Safety - NC Workshop.png

Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety: a Facilitated Decolonial Dialogue

A facilitated decolonial dialogue to support your team to work through the mini-courses and writing prompts together.

  • Great for beginners and those looking to approach cultural work and decolonizing practices in a good way

  • This is helpful for those looking to do their cultural safety plan, but unsure of how to begin the conversation within the organization

Fee: $3300 + GST


  • Up to 24 participants

  • 2 hour commitment

  • No Pre-requisite required (Work through the cultural safety videos together and create a cultural safety plan together in the workshop)

Decolonial SWOT Workshop Square.png

Decolonizing Implementation: Youth-Led Decolonial SWOT Analysis

This deep-dive workshop is a follow up for teams to analyze their organization with a decolonial lens and create a tactical plan to include decolonizing practices into the policy of their workplace.

  • A deep dive for those already committed to integrating decolonizing practices into their day-to-day lives

  • Aimed at high-level learners

Fee: $3300 + GST


  • Up to 24 participants

  • 2 hour comittment

  • Only for organizations and teams who have previously participated in one of our other decolonial workshops

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Ready to get started by writing your cultural safety plan?