Territorial Acknowledgements

from awareness to practice

Is your organization ready to engage in meaningful dialogue about colonialism, supremacy and the land you live & work on? Are you ready to take action toward centring Indigenous ways & Indigenous cultural safety in your workplace?

This two-hour Territorial Acknowledgements, from awareness to practice, facilitated interactive workshop is for organizations and teams who want to learn more about Land Acknowledgements, co-create your acknowledgements and start implementing them in a good way. 

Within this workshop, your team will learn the concepts of colonial conditioning and decolonizing practices in relation to Lands, Belonging & Shared Territory. You will explore brave new language and be encouraged to critical analyze how you share your commitment to Territorial Acknowledgements. 

While the teachings & critical Indigenous theory shared by Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee are grounded in Squamish world view, they are applicable across Indigenous Territories.

Whether your team is new to these conversations and practices, or you are wanting to reconnect, re-inspire and be sure you are doing so in a meaningful way - we welcome your team to sign up!

The Experience

Territorial Acknowledgements are rooted in connecting to the Land in a good way. There is medicine in honouring the Ancestors who cared for the Land as well as the Nations who continue that work despite ongoing colonialism and attempted erasure.


This is for you if…

  • You are looking to build a foundational understanding of Territorial Acknowledgements

  • You want to integrate brave ways of sharing your commitment to the Land and First Peoples

  • Your team is ready to transform their curiosity about decolonizing practices into practical action!

  • You’re ready to see the Land and this work through a decolonial lens

Important Note

We work with organizations who have an awareness of colonial impacts and who want to start answering the question “what can we do?” now. Organizations who do not want to rush into helping and contribute to harm. Organizations who want to raise critical consciousness and build a solid team-driven foundation for their anti-racism, inclusion and reconciliation plans.



Workshop Fee - $3300 + GST

At a glance

  • Max 30 people

  • 2 Hour Online Session

  • Follow up PDF Harvest Document
    of the team’s learnings


  • What, Why and How?

  • Shifting Perspectives - Decolonial Lens

  • Resources

  • Interactive component

    • what do we want to do?

    • What do we need to do this well?

    • What needs to happen first?

  • Closing Circle



The conversation will be orally facilitated and the ability to maneuver a mouse online may come up but is not necessary to participate. While transitioning from slide to slide, we will let people know what is happening in text on screen. We will also be typing live, I'll urge that spelling and speed don't matter, but others will see your process if that's a barrier. We are happy to adapt where this comes up.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no ASL Interpretation.

 How to book a workshop:

  • Completion of our Interactive Introduction to Cultural Safety on-demand mini-course and a Cultural Safety Plan is a pre-requisite for booking a live session with Nahanee Creative - if you haven’t already done so, please check out our on-demand course.

  • Click the button below to fill out our form and upload your Cultural Safety Plan

  • We will get back to you ASAP to find a date that works

  • Sign the proposal and pay a 50% deposit to lock down the date and time

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