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Youth-Led Sínulhkay and Ladders:

Decolonizing Practices

This workshop offers experiential training and dialogue facilitation grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing. It features a board game designed by Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee, Squamish and is facilitated by Indigenous youth facilitators. Maximum of 24 participants. This is a great workshop for teams with a spectrum of understanding about decolonizing and the impact of colonialism.


Territorial Acknowledgement: From Awareness to Practice

This two-hour Territorial Acknowledgements, from awareness to practice, facilitated interactive workshop is for organizations and teams who want to learn more about Land Acknowledgements, co-create your acknowledgements and start implementing them in a good way.


Buffalo Visioning: Indigenous Wellness Workshop

This two-hour Indigenous Wellness session is led by Lloyd Attig, Plains Cree. In the session your team will learn the teachings of the sacred medicine wheel, and how to apply the teachings to be in good relations and prioritize wellness at home, in community, and in the workplace.

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Organization Development:
Decolonize First

Our Decolonize First workbook is 16 pages of activities, lessons and unlearnings that address the need to prioritize decolonization within our personal journeys. Organizational transformation at the root of social change, we offer Decolonize First Organizational Development so you and your team can learn how to integrate these teachings and tools into the growth of your organization together. This in depth workshop is aimed at organizations that already have a higher level understanding of decolonizing and the impact of colonialism.

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Decolonizing Implementation: Youth-Led Decolonial SWOT Analysis

Decolonizing Implementation offers a deep-dive into how to apply everything you’ve learned & unlearned through our foundational workshops, like our Sínulhkay and Ladders Decolonizing Practices workshop. This is a two-hour, youth-led analysis and tactical planning session directed at organizations who want to include decolonizing practices into the policy of their workplace.

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Cultural Protocols,

Empathy & Safety:

Facilitated Decolonial Dialogue

Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety offers a facilitated decolonial dialogue to support your team to work through our mini-courses and writing prompts together. This is a two-hour workshop replaces the need to complete the Cultural Safety Plan on your own. Once we complete it together, you are ready and welcome to keep working with us on your decolonizing practices journey.