Cultural Protocols,
Empathy & Safety

Facilitated Decolonial Dialogue

Would you like to work through our Cultural Safety planning mini-courses with support?

Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety offers a facilitated decolonial dialogue to support your team to work through our mini-courses and writing prompts together. This two-hour workshop replaces the need to complete the Cultural Safety Plan on your own. Once we complete it together, you are ready and welcome to keep working with us on your decolonizing practices journey.

The Details:

Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety, a facilitated decolonial dialogue (Online)

  • 2-hour commitment

  • Up to 30 people

  • Watch Three Short Videos and Work through the Writing Prompts Together

  • Complete your First Cultural Safety Plan as a team

  • We’re using Zoom as our online platform

    • Computer with a microphone (internal or external)

    • Headphones recommended

    • Paper and pen for note-taking or a note-taking app open on your computer

    • Printer if you want hard copies of the worksheets


Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety, facilitated decolonial dialogue - $3300 + GST

**This workshop will be facilitated by Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee

***No pre-requisite


The conversation will be orally facilitated and the ability to maneuver a mouse online may come up but is not necessary to participate. While transitioning from slide to slide, we will let people know what is happening in text on screen. We will also be typing live, I'll urge that spelling and speed don't matter, but others will see your process if that's a barrier. We are happy to adapt where this comes up.

Unfortunately at this time, there is no ASL Interpretation.

 How to book this workshop:

  • No pre-requisite for this workshop as we will be completing your Cultural Safety Plan together

  • Click the button below to fill out our form and we will get back to you ASAP to find a date that works

  • Sign the proposal and pay a 50% deposit to lock down the date and time

  • Fill out our Google prep form to give us an idea of where your organization is at before the session.

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