September 30, 2021 is the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, a day to recognize and commemorate the legacy of residential schools.

By client request, and our organizational mandate to provide accessible, contemporary teachings, Nahanee Creative is launching five new on-demand mini-courses. The platform will open on September 30 for every one who wants to spend this day learning about: Territorial Acknowledgements, Cultural Protocols, Empathy & Safety, Decolonizing Practices, Restorying Colonialism, Etiquette for Allies, and/or Decolonizing Identity 101. The pre-sale is open now!

How it Works 

Participate on your own or with a group. Each workshop can be completed in an hour or less. Courses will open on September 30 - you can start that day or any day after. Once you launch the course, you’ll have three days to complete. Each workshop features short videos, reflection worksheets and resources to support your continued unlearning and relearning.

How to Buy 

Simply purchase your desired courses through our web-store at, also linked below. Once purchased you will receive a link to log in to your course dashboard via email.

On Demand Mini-Course Pricing

Purchase one or all six on-demand mini-courses. Individual prices are $40 per person, per workshop. Groups of 20 or more, in a single purchase, for a single workshop will receive an automatic 15% discount.

What’s included:

  • Personal Login Credentials, sent via email after purchase

  • 72 Hours access (once you begin) to each course you purchase (each workshop can be completed in an hour or less)

  • Each workshop features short videos, downloadable reflection worksheets and resources, all accessible through the course dashboard

  • Technical Support

  • For groups over 20, you’ll receive a spreadsheet template to list your participants for a custom group log in.